22 July 2022 World Brain Day in Turkey

The Turkish Neurological Society (TNS) turned the week containing the 22nd July 2022 “World Brain Day” into a nation-wide campaign with the motto "Health for Your Brain, now". The World Federation of Neurology has set the theme for July 22 this year as “Brain Health: For All”.

During the brain week (from 18th to 22nd July), TNS promoted the fact that the increase of the incidence of major neurological diseases and the prolongation of life expectancy turned into the disease group that caused the highest rate of disability. “Dementia”, “Stroke”, “Epilepsy”, “MS”, “Parkinson” and “Migraine” are the six neurological diseases that are primarily responsible for this catastrophe. However, neither the share allocated for prevention treatment is sufficient, nor is the social awareness at a sufficient level. The goal of the campaign is to raise awareness that those with a diagnosis or symptom of a brain disease will have the best chance of recovery if they meet with a neurologist. Since prevention is crucial to improving the health of the whole population, TNS put the importance and methods of protecting the healthy brain, that is, primary prevention in neurological diseases, as the top priority throughout the campaign.

As part of the campaign, two fifteen-second digital films titled "5 Ways to Protect Your Brain Health" and "If It's a Stroke (or MS, Parkinson's, Migraine, Alzheimer's or Epilepsy)*, The Solution Is in Neurology"' were screened on all kinds of social media, from city digital screens to Instagram.

In Istanbul, the films and posters were shown on the city's billboards and digital screens for a week, including the metro, ferry, tram and Marmaray. Our digital images appeared on Ankara's Ego buses and subway cars, and on the busy city screens of twenty-five districts. In İzmir, Adana, Antalya, Samsun, Kayseri, Eskişehir and Rize, TNS sang its motto and played its films on screens, billboards and rackets.

An interview with the TND president was broadcast on TRT-1 and NTV radio. Our statements took place in media organs such as sonhaberler.com, Diken, ulak.news, Saglikaktuel.com, Sabah, Haberturk, Hürriyet, Canligaste, mynet, medicalakademi, medimagazin, saglikagi.net.

Undoubtedly, the legendary mayor Prof. Yılmaz Büyükerşen and Dr. Demet Özbabalık's interview "How to stop the clock for the brain" was unforgettable.

As a result, the “World Brain Day” awareness activity with the concept of “#healthtoyourbrain” carried out by the TNS has reached the targeted aims with the ownership and sharing of our members, and an important step has been taken in terms of social awareness. Now our plan is "Keep speeding up"



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