58th National Neurology Congress

Distinguished Members of the Turkish Neurological Society,

I’m delighted to invite you to the 58 th National Neurology Congress to be organized by the Turkish Neurological Society on 18-24 November 2022 at Pine Beach Hotel. This congress will be face-to-face. We want to be together with all neurologists in our country who took up the challenges of the pandemic and got exhausted more than ever at our national congress, which serves as the academic summit of neurology in Turkey.

Being the most holistic activity of postgraduate neurology education, the National Neurology Congress is organized through the efforts of the board and Scientific working groups of the Turkish Neurological Society (TNS). At this point, I’d like to highlight that we expect feedback, suggestions and contributions from all our members. It’s possible to further the field of neurology only when we all support.

The main theme of this year’s National Neurology Congress is Neurointensive Care. Neurointensive care is the science and art of how critically ill neurologic patients are saved and survived. It is one of the most fundamental building blocks of neurology education. The neurointensive care practice requires constant updates both during and after education since the scientific developments are abundant and fast.There is no doubt that this year congress will present the relevant updates.

This year we hope that we can hold the scientifically richest and the most socially uniting congress, which has been growing and improving year after year. There will be more choices of scientific and social activities. Brace for surprises.

Our congress will be assigned with credits by the TTB and EAN and host international colleagues as well with whom we’ll have the chance to have scientific exchanges. We’ll join together at courses, workshops, conferences, symposia, treatment night events and several other leisure/entertainment programs. We will also conduct the 19 th Neurology Proficiency Test during the congress.

The most important activity of the National Neurology Congress is doubtlessly to share our own experience and scientific studies. We will strive to create a substantial discussion/exchange platform with the highest number of presentations this year. At the end of the congress, we hope you can return home with new ideas, research topics and collaboration intentions for multi-center trials.

The Board of the Turkish Neurological Society will be determined to do play its part to enable all interested Neurology specialists to attend the congress.

I wish that the 58 th Congress will make the Neurology family happier.

Mehmet Akif Topçuoğlu
President of the Turkish Neurological Society
On behalf of the Society’s Board and Working Groups

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