"Inspiring people in Neurosciences" about Prof Raymond D Adams

Please find attached the Program for  the fifth  session  of "Inspiring people in Neurosciences" about Prof Raymond D Adams to be held on 5 th June 2021. Please block your dates for upcoming sessions.  Prof Allan Ropper will talk about Prof Raymond Adams while Prof Martin Samuels will chair the session. Prof Louis Caplan, Prof Paul Rosman, Prof Jay P Mohr, Prof Paul McHugh and Prof Nina Salam ( Raymond  Adam's daughter ) will be invited panelists. 


Registration is free. Link for registrationhttps://forms.gle/BX3xyKcztAWzLGyu6  


Link to join the program https://us02web.zoom.us/j/81137122193 password is not required  or faculty link . 


Program can also be watched live on you tube   


Mails with details of the session, will be sent before every session to all registered delegates.  


Time of the program.        

  6.30 to 8.30  PM                 Indian std time   

  1.00 to 3.00  PM                 UTC – coordinated universal time / GMT 

   2.00 to 4.00 PM                 British Summer time 

  3.00 to 5.00  PM                 Central European Time    

  9.00  to 11.00 AM               Eastern standard time   


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