Balkan Peninsula Neurological Societies and the Turkish Neurological Society (TNS) are delighted to be partnering for a further year to present the Turkish Initiative.


            The Turkish Neurological Society (TNS) was founded in 1992 and currently has 2400 members. The aims of the society include contributing to the national and international awareness, diagnosis and treatment of neurological diseases at the best possible standards. The TNS is scientifically very active and has high standards of education. Turkish trained neurologists can enter the UEMS/EBN European board examination.


Project description


            The TNS would like to support the Balkan Neurologists by inviting three Balkan colleagues to visit the Neurology department of a Turkish University Hospital for a duration of 4 weeks. The purpose is to experience the modern Turkish medical system in an international environment, meet new colleagues and foster future cooperation.


            The hosting departments will be announced. All the hosting university hospitals feature various subunits of the Neurology Department (electrophysiology, stroke, epilepsy, sleep medicine, neuro-ophthalmology, neuro-muscular diseases and movement disorders).




            The visit will take place during November 2015 to coincide with TNS’ Annual National Neurology Congress which will take place in Antalya.


Details about support

The TNS will provide the following support:

·        Accommodation during 4 weeks

·        Living expenses (food & beverage) during 4 weeks

·        Costs of health insurance during the stay in Turkey (to be arranged by the applicant, the costs will be refunded)

·        Sponsored attendance to TNS’ Annual National Neurology Congress in Antalya.




Criteria for applications:


·        The applicant must be a resident of a country from the Balkan Peninsula

·        The applicant must be born after 31.12.1970

·        The applicant must be a qualified neurologist. 


Evaluation Committee


Şerefnur Öztürk (President, TNS)

F. Yeşim Parman (Vice - President, TNS)

Ayşe Bora Tokçaer (General Secretary, TNS)

Cavit Boz (Treasurer, TNS)

Bülent Elibol (Board Member, TNS)

Neşe Çelebisoy (Board Member, TNS)

Mehmet Ali Akalın (Board Member, TNS)


Associates of the hosting hospitals.


Deadline for application


        To apply, applicants must submit their CV, a supporting statement, and a letter of recommendation from their Head of Department by Monday 19 October 2015 .

For any questions regarding your application, or to apply, please contact the head office of the TNS via email: [email protected]