Brain Health Thematic Network Proposal - Call for Support Harici Gelen Kutusu


Dear EAN Panel Members,

The  European Brain Council (EBC) has submitted a proposal to the European Commission for a Thematic Network on Brain Health, calling for more attention to neurological disorders, as a response to the European Commission’s Call for Proposals on 2022 Thematic Networks, which invites health stakeholders to submit proposals for a new cycle of Thematic Networks, organised under the framework of the EU Health Policy Platform.

According to the Commission, the purpose of a Thematic Network is to produce a Joint Statement within six to nine months, summarising the common position and action of a group of stakeholder organisations on selected public health areas — with this round proposing three new areas of focus, including “Mental Health in all policies”.

The EBC calls for the European Commission to take it a step further, urging for the expansion of the proposed topic to ‘Brain Health’, covering both mental and neurological disorders.

In this regard, EBC calls on the community to pledge their support to the letter (either on an individual or an institutional basis) to help amplify its call and show the European Commission the importance of addressing the brain (preventive health and ill-health) as a whole.

By signing, you increase the chances of this proposal being accepted.

For further details on the Proposal Letter and Call for Support, please visit the following website:

Support EBC call to European Commission for Thematic Network on Brain Health

We thank you for your attention to this important matter!

With best regards,

EAN Scientific Department


European Academy of Neurology