Preventing Brain Disease for World Brain Day 2024

Dear Member Societies and Delegates,
We are thrilled to announce the theme for this year's World Brain Day: Brain Health and Prevention. Our focus is on reducing the global impact of brain disabilities through awareness and action.
Brain disease can be prevented with the right tools and it all starts with public awareness. When considering how we could make the broadest impact in a 2024 World Brain Day campaign, we narrowed it down to five imperative objectives:
Early detection and effective management can prevent neurological disorders.
Global education on prevention for brain health is imperative.
Socioeconomic status or geographic location should not hinder prevention efforts.
Healthcare professionals, researchers, and policymakers play pivotal roles in addressing the global neurological needs.
Recognizing brain health as a fundamental human right is central to our mission.We invite each Regional Society to join us by organizing activities around World Brain Day. Let's collaborate to raise awareness and share information about Brain Health and Prevention.
Follow us on Twitter and Facebook and spread the word using our hashtags: #WorldBrainDay, #WBD2024, and #BrainHealthandPrevention. For more details and support, reach out to us with any questions you have.
Looking forward to your participation,
Professor Wolfgang Grisold
President, World Federation of Neurology