WFN Educational Grants-In-Aid 2017


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TheWFN has been offering grants since 2011. For the list of prior grantees and reports  please click here.

To further its mission to "foster quality neurology and brain health worldwide", the WFN is this year offering 7 grants in three categories as follows:
  • CATEGORY A : 1 x $30,000
  • CATEGORY B : 2 x $15,000
  • CATEGORY C : 4 x $10,000


Neurologists from WFN Member Societies can submit applications in the above categories for support for projects in education; improvement of services; regional improvements; and for scientific projects.
Applicants for grants in Categories A and B should indicate whether they would be prepared to accept an award in a lower Category.


The WFN wants to fund low cost, high impact educational and outcomes research projects. International cooperation is encouraged with a priority on low income countries.
Note: Projects to provide routine health care and ongoing research proposals are not eligible.


Please have a look at the following criteria when you plan to submit a grant:


How does the project directly address the mission of the WFN?


What is the return for invested effort, funds or time?


Is this a limited time project with a measurable outcome or is it an initiative that will grow and become institutionalised?


Within the WFN, among committees, initiatives and task forces, with outside partners, governmental and non-governmental organisations, the WHO, fundraising agencies etc. Please suggest possible partners. For example: A project on Stroke would probably be interesting for the WSO, for epilepsy possibly with ILAE… examples. (see co sponsored grants)


How will the outcome be measured?


Good governance, transparent monitoring and clear and documented interim report and financial reports are required.

Co-sponsored grants

The WFN encourages 'co-sponsored' grants. These grants will be co-sponsored by the WFN and a partner organisation (PO). The PO can be a scientific society (e.g. ILAE, MDS etc.), a regional society (EAN, AOAN etc.) or a national society. The PO will sign a sponsorship agreement with the WFN to define the shared costs and the role of the individual partners in this project.
Project responsibility and reporting will be shared by the WFN with the PO.


  • Application due by 20 May, 2017
  • Applicants notified of results by 29 July, 2017
  • Applicants informed about final results by 3 October, 2017
  • Funding of successful applicants begins as soon as it can be arranged thereafter. (See above)
  • Applications are exclusively submitted using the WFN grant application (see button below) and should include the following:

Application Checklist

  • The name of the sponsoring group and individual initiator(s) with curriculum vitae
  • Title of the project
  • Description of the project
  • Direct relevance of the project to the mission of the WFN
  • Viability of the project
  • Timeline of the project, dates and duration
  • Detailed budget in U.S. dollars
  • Bank references
  • Votum of the local ethics committee